Mary Lou

Cameron, Texas

"... but thanks to my Segway & my Segseat I am able to continue to be mobile without resigning to a wheelchair or scooter.   As I had told you in the past my Multiple Sclerosis had gotten to the point that it kept me from doing things that required lots of walking and standing.  Now that I have the Segseat I can now participate in things I was having to give up.   (I.e.) Thanks to my Segseat I was able to spend an entire day shopping for paint, curtains and other things to update my house.  Something I haven't been able to do for 5yrs.  I was able to spend the day fishing with my grand-son & go back for the awards ceremony.  That would have been totally impossible had it not been for my Segseat!!   The flexibility of the seat is wonderful!  I can raise it on the go as I scoot from store to store or drop it so I can stand for awhile without getting off.  I love the fact that I can raise the seat, sit down and write my check, while I am waiting in line!  Though I have MS, and balance is an issue it takes very little to use your seat.  It is practically self balancing!  It's so nice to rest my arms as they tire on the bars of my Segway and sit as I shop or visit with friends & family as they walk or shop.   Thank you so much for fullfilling this need for so many people!  There are so many of us out there with middle road disablilities.  We aren't so bad we need a fulltime sit down scooter or chair, but yet need something that we can use on an as needed basis that is good for 10 minutes or 10 hours at any given time!   If I can ever do anything to help promote this item in anyway please let me know!  Anyone reading this is more than welcome to contact me via email and I will be glad to tell my story of the ease of ordering, attaching the seat, and use of it!..."  


Cologne, Germany
THX 4 GREAT STUFF- IT ARRIVED 13(!)h AGO.................

(ordered Oct 20, shipped Oct 21, received Oct 23)
Bob EbblerFort Myers, Florida "...I need another seat for my 2nd segway
i67, black seat.
I have a comment on the first one I purchased a few years back--Excellent construction and engineering!!!
WeMove Noordwijk,
The Netherlands (Holland)
"We had several shipments over a period of +/- three years now.
The product is great and of excellent quality!
Correspondence is quick, to the point and helpful. Delivery is swift and Packaging is perfect and professional.
My opinion of the company?
In every respect: Just the way it should be, fair, honest and professional!
Great job!!
See some pictures about the Segseat at our website:

and have a look at our promotional film:
Alan R. Ponte

Vedra Beach, Florida

"...but my first impression is that it's a well made , well backed product.
It looks like a winner."

..."After just 3 days with the seat I don't know how I lived without it. No more leaning when I stop and my body is in better shape at the end of the day."

"IMO the SegSeat does as advertised and is invaluable to anyone who spends a lot of time on their HT..".

For Alan's full review, go to:

Zalec, Slovenia
Everything with your Segseat works very good,delivering was ok too,just like you told me.So i am enjoying your product.No problem if you tell other people for me..."

be good,greatings
 Steve Ozdemir

Carpinteria, California

Rode a Segway with the SegSeat on the Pacific coast highway, 372 miles, 11 days, from May 19-31, 2006. Read his journey in the link below:

"...So what worked and what didn't? I'll start with the important successes: Segseat, lithium ion batteries and GPS/Google Earth. Without these three things, the trip wouldn't be possible. The Segseat is what allows you to shift from your feet to your bottom and have neither get too sore.

...a woman flagged me down and said, "Is that a Segseat?" My jaw dropped. Literally 1000's of people had seen me over the last week and a half, and I'd learned that over half of them had no idea what lineage Eeyore was. Sure they recognized Eeyore, but the word "Segway" slipped their mind. And here I was dealing with someone who knew what a Segseat was?! And in my hometown???! Very strange. Well, it turns out she and her disabled husband were also Segway owner in Santa Barbara, and they'd recently ordered some Segseats. I was in a hurry to get home (and get Paul his keys), but I had to take a moment to demonstrate the Segseat for them and give them my impressions. If I hadn't had the cart attached I would have showed them that cute "leg's straight out" trick that I learned from the video I saw of the Segseat in action! Anyways, they thanked me and I was soon on my way down the coast again..."

Review: Without this device, long distance gliding would be impossible. The Segseat allows you to continue gliding while giving your feet a rest. I would typically glide for 5 miles till my feet hurt a little, and then glide for 2 miles (usually downhill) till my bottom hurt a little. By then my feet were feeling fine and I'd stand back up as I glide. The best part is that the seat can be raised and lowered while gliding! I would have never been able to cover distances like 70 miles in a day without this wonderful accessory.

Alain C.
Tinqueux Champagne-Ardenne, France
"...j'ai acheté un segseat afin de pouvoir utiliser mon Segway I 180 en position assise lorsque mes jambes fatiguent un peu à cause de mon handicap.
La transaction s'est tres bien passée et le matériel est arrivé dans les 5 jours des USA.
Le montage a été fait par mes soins et ne présente pas de difficultés malgré la notice de montage en anglais car celle -ci comporte des dessins explicatifs.Ce matériel est tres bien adapté au Segway et ne gene pas du tout dans l'utilisation de celui-ci. Lorsque j'utilise le Segway pour de petits trajets pour lesquels je sais que je n'est pas besoin d'utiliser la selle, je retire celle ci afin de gagner un peu de place pour positionner mes pieds. Cela prends 2 secondes pour remettre la selle ou la retirer et cela est vraiment tres pratique.En conclusion , un appareil qui permet reellement d'utiliser un segway alternativement en position debout ou en position assise.Le seul défaut est lors d'une utilisation assise pendant plus d'une heure,j'ai un peu mal aux fesses!!!!..."
Steve Steinberg

Segway of Oakland

"...I make custom parts and I think the Seat is the Coolst thing this year for Segway owners with new batterys you need a seat..."

Ian Purvis

Auckland, New Zealand

First video on Segseat from Auckland, go to the link below:

Scott Halloway

Segway of Alpharetta, Georgia

"...I have a customer with a hip problem and the SegSeat changed his available use time from 25 minutes to 4 or 5 hours.  He is thrilled!  If my customers are thrilled, I'm thrilled!  Great job with the seat.  Thanx for your forward thinking! "

Christ Church, New Zealand

"The seat will never be able to be used with the same agility as free standing but for someone with a disability like my wife it would certainly be a winner."
William C.

East Rutherford, New Jersey

"...Love it ..took only a few seconds to get use too..I think the construction is top notch ..was very easy to install, If I didn't have to remove the Bumper could of had it on in less then five minutes..I find I can glide with my arms resting on the Handlebars and even do a little steering just by leaning to the side a bit. I pass some folks that saw me before the seat was on and there quite impressed with it..Glad you had it made and even more glad I bought one..Good luck with future sales."
Matt McGuire

Segway SAR

Hong Kong

"...Received the Segseat. Loving it! We need to talk when we meet up in Boston...."
James Seesz

Tacoma, Washington

" ...I received and just completed the installation of the Segseat. Awesome product and very much need for my disability..."

"...My condition precludes me from standing for any amount of time, I in no way wanted to use a wheelchair so for the past two years I haven't been out of the house that much at all. A bona fide recluse until I saw the Segseat. It has given me back the mobility I needed to get back out in to the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!..."

Wayne Reimer

Segway of Alberta - Calgary

"You have scored, and scored big with this seat, my friend. Marcy and I are
both VERY impressed with the product. It is far better than I imagined...I know .. one will be remaining on my personal machine, absolutely no doubt in my mind."
Chris Johnson

editor of The Red Key

"...has to be the coolest Segway accessory ever. We give them an A+ for their product..."

"..The segseat has Landed
Now that the segseat is finally shipping we're not surprised to hear that the new customers are quite pleased with it. We predicted months ago that this would be an accessory to watch. The reason we're so enchanted by the segseat is that it's in a class all by itself as an accessory. It instantly converts a standard machines into a hybrid that is not quite Seg and not quite Centaur, yet definitely somewhere in between..."

Jack Flood

Harrison, Michigan

"...I'm a man in his early 60's with early Osteoarthritis. I've had one hip replaced and another that needs it. I got the Segway for added mobility. When I first used the Segway I found that my hips would be uncomfortable after 10 or 15 minutes of riding. The Segseat has cured that problem. I actually like to ride the Segway standing up as I feel more in control of it that way. But when the hips hurt the seat is a savior. It's more comfortable than most bicycle seats but I don't like to sit on it for long periods of time. Switching back and forth is perfect for me. For my purposes, this makes the Segway complete."
Mark Kagi

Lynnwood, Washington

"...sirs:  thank you for designing the segseat. i absolutely love it.   it's  a great addition to my segway which i use every day since i have COPD (severe emphysema) although I still stand most of the time, on long sirs:  thank you for designing the segseat. i absolutely love it.   it's  a great addition to my segway which i use every day since i have COPD (severe emphysema) although I still stand most of the time, on long slow walks w/wife & friends it saves the day.....Again, thanks for improving my quality of life!...."