About Segseat    

Segseat LLC was the first to provide seats for the Segway HT back in 2005 for the P133 and Segway HT 167 and 180s.
Back then Segway along with Segseat became an alternative to the use of canes, walkers and wheelchairs for many physically challenged people unable to walk or stand for long period

  Segseat was also the first to utilize the feature of a sliding seat for a seating fixture for the Segway. This slide feature has been adopted by some of the popular wheelchair attachments for Segways througout the world today.
After Segway came out with the Segway leansteer i2 and x2 versions, we were able to adapt the original Segseat to fit the i2 and x2 versions. One problem with the new i2 and x2 Segways, many people with balance issues were not able to use the new Segways with its swaying handlebars left to right.  

This is the same case with the new Segway SE (Second Edition) i2 and x2 models that came out in March 2014. The leansteer handlebar and control shafts swaying left and right made controlling and riding the Segway difficult for people with balance issues.

To solve this problem, we are proud to introduce this year 2016 the first fixed-stationary handlebar to for the Segway leansteer models i2/x2 and SE models.